Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 6: "They hate me and rate me simply because they ain't me."

Perhaps I should have put a disclaimer on my blog when I first began. Eh, better late than never.

Disclaimer: Stories from here until Jan/Feb are pretty much irrelevant to anything military.

Alrighty then! Now I can continue.

Lately I've been an emotional train wreck. No understatement...

One thing I absolutely despise, is repeatedly unnecessary rudeness. I haven't learned to appropriately deal with emotions. If something I do embarrasses me, or I do something wrong, I tend to think about it continuously....same thing happens when people do something completely out of left field...

I'm still completely dumbfounded by this 25 year old female's attitude and insistence on trying to make me disappear from my boyfriend's (her "best friend") life. I don't know how to deal with being angry for what she did earlier this year, and therefore I've developed my first real bout of "hatred" for someone....and hate is a ridiculously harsh word. That's how angry I am about it.

So, basically, like the quote says:  "They hate me and rate me simply because they ain't me." It sort-of makes me feel better.

Will I stop letting her get to me because of this quote? Probably not.


  1. OK - first of all this is probably one of the few times where that statement is actually true. she is obviously jealous and jealousy can be a vicious and contagious disease. Just sayin. Pretty lame that she lives so far away but still is attempting to undermine your relationship. people like that arent worth a second thought, especially now that she is geographically irrelevant :P

    in face you should find an excuse to use the term geographically irrelevant on j's facebook.

    youll be ok. cause youre basically awesome. just a crazy time in life right now. :P

  2. LMAO!! I'm debating...I wanted to do that last night (er...early this morning) but I didn't know if that would be too childish. lol -___-

  3. dude, does your boyfriend know or realize that she is treating you that way? If he aint your champion and cannot see (or don't care) how much his "friend's" behavior hurts you, I'm sorry to say, he needs a slap.

    That's the problem with male/female friendships. Bro's know not to mess with their bros' ...err..girls. Even if they don't like the girl.

    And if Kim says you are awesome, then you are, no matter what some little jealous bitch things.

  4. Oh, he knows. He says he would stop being friends with her...I think it's easier for him to say that...but it probably wouldn't stop her from texting/drunk dialing/or fb spamming. URGHH!! I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking that this is a dumb, psycho bitch hahaha Makes me feel better for sure.