Sunday, May 15, 2011

Welcome Back to..?

Faced with nothing, other than a baby growing in my body, I find comfort that at least I have this blog. Why? Well, at least I have somewhere to vent...or otherwise just somewhere to mindlessly write about anything, whether it's interesting or not.

Looking back, if I was single...being in Del Rio would probably be the worst sentence to give. When you work on base, the last thing you really want to do is stick around after you're done with work. My place is about 27 mins away from base by a lake. << Makes for beautiful walks. haha

Yet, I found that my humble abode just makes me feel a lot more lonely than ever. I can't have a dog, because I'm gone for 12 plus hours. I can't have a cat because I can't clean the cat litter for toxic I'm stuck with facebook, texting, Words With Friends, and T.V. Occasionally I'll hang out with a buddy whom I met from the base, but he's hardly ever around. In fact, he's most likely deploying here in a few months. The story of my life, everyone I met so far is just about to deploy. WTF!

So, that leaves me here, curled up on my couch in the usual position, trying to fight the extreme amount of hormones that want to make me cry at the dumbest things. Behind me in the 2nd bedroom is a bunch of stuff that was sent in the moving truck from Florida...slowly, but surely, I've been tackling that...but otherwise I can't really find much to do.

In a town with only a Wal-Mart, JcPenny, Ross, Bealls and a Home Depot...every time I head out I know only money will be spent.

BLAH!! Someone save me from this forsaken place... :'(