Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Careful what you wish for...

So I've been wanting a day off of work. Just for the heck of it. Really didn't think my stomach would decide to revolt for several hours and cause me to go to the ER. Waste of time, though. Other than sticking another painful IV deal into my wrist (where else can they stick this crap?!), they didn't do crap for me. Of course, my pain was jumping from an 8-10 all night, about an 8 when I was driving to the hospital, and then magically disappeared as soon as I hit the ER. Then, not even 10 secs inside the car after leaving (3 hours later) the pain came back. Not so high...probably a 3-4...but it was frustrating.

The doc told me to get a referral to a doc around here to get an endoscopy. First doctor I called won't be around for 2 weeks. The second doc, well...I didn't copy the number down correctly so I'm SOL on that. So, I'm just riding this thing out.....eating Mott's Fruit Snacks, drinking a lil water, and paying the occasional homage to the toilet.

BOoooo. :'( On a side note, I think the humidifier helped Sofia sleep last night. Monday she woke up to hacking coughs and stuffy nose. This morning...well, I was gone before she woke up so I know she slept well. lol

It's nice to not have to work. Just wish it was under a different circumstance. Hopefully it doesn't come back again..

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Whoa...hasn't it been a while?

Man, it's true what they say...most blogs don't survive past a year. Mine hardly lasted 5 months. haha.

Well, I can't say I'm back for good, but I'm back for a while. I've really been dwelling on the fact that I'll be away from my family for practically 4 months while I'm off to my technical school. Yeah, I'll only be 2.5 hours from my home so it could be worse...I could be deploying for six months.

I'm going to miss a lot of milestones in my brand new baby girl's life, though. She'll just be six months when I depart...which means she'll be sitting up here shortly, crawling, possibly saying those most wanted words "mama" or "dada"....who knows...maybe she'll be walking by the time I get back. She would be 10 months when I'm back from training. *sigh*

I just hope I can focus enough at tech school to just get through it and get back home.

On the bright side, I'm hoping to lose the last stubborn 15 pounds so I can get ready for baby number two come 2013! My hubby has finally been hired on with the local Police Department so hopefully all goes well and he doesn't deploy lol

Well, that's my blurb for now.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Welcome Back to..?

Faced with nothing, other than a baby growing in my body, I find comfort that at least I have this blog. Why? Well, at least I have somewhere to vent...or otherwise just somewhere to mindlessly write about anything, whether it's interesting or not.

Looking back, if I was single...being in Del Rio would probably be the worst sentence to give. When you work on base, the last thing you really want to do is stick around after you're done with work. My place is about 27 mins away from base by a lake. << Makes for beautiful walks. haha

Yet, I found that my humble abode just makes me feel a lot more lonely than ever. I can't have a dog, because I'm gone for 12 plus hours. I can't have a cat because I can't clean the cat litter for toxic reasons...so I'm stuck with facebook, texting, Words With Friends, and T.V. Occasionally I'll hang out with a buddy whom I met from the base, but he's hardly ever around. In fact, he's most likely deploying here in a few months. The story of my life, everyone I met so far is just about to deploy. WTF!

So, that leaves me here, curled up on my couch in the usual position, trying to fight the extreme amount of hormones that want to make me cry at the dumbest things. Behind me in the 2nd bedroom is a bunch of stuff that was sent in the moving truck from Florida...slowly, but surely, I've been tackling that...but otherwise I can't really find much to do.

In a town with only a Wal-Mart, JcPenny, Ross, Bealls and a Home Depot...every time I head out I know only money will be spent.

BLAH!! Someone save me from this forsaken place... :'(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whoa long time ..

Well, everything has a rhyme or reason to it. I apologize for ignoring my blog for so long. It's been quite a ... crazy last few weeks.

Since I can't say this on facebook, I'm free to do so here! I'm pregnant!! I'm slowly coming to terms with it. I'm a little afraid of something happening in the second trimester....I read something about "incompetent cervix" where the cervix is weakened by a biopsy or some other reason and will lead to a miscarriage. I had a biopsy 3 years ago on my cervix so that's a worry of mine. :-/ Among many worries..:p

I graduate from training this coming friday and then off to Texas I go. Everyone in my chain of command knows of my...pregnant state...so now my stress is trying to figure everything out: OBGYN, housing, finances, car insurance, etc... -____-

SO much to do, so little time........

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Cry or Smile because this weekend happened." :-)

The weekend was too short...a tease, so to speak.

I made it to Florida close to 1am Saturday morning and spent the night with Jeremy at his dad's house. We woke up early so that he could make it to a dentist appointment (for his root canal), which was supposed to start at 11am in Tampa, but didn't start til 12:30-1pm. After, we drove to my parent's house and then ate dinner with my parents and went out with some great people to have a couple of beers.

Sunday, Jeremy and I shot some weapons at the shooting range. That was some good fun. :-) Then we ate out at a sushi buffet (yum yum) before driving back to my parents...then we drove back that night to his dad's house. :-(

I didn't leave til about 1:40pm yesterday, but it still seemed too early. I miss my boyfriend and I hate being alone, here. I mean, I've met some great people (we even met up yesterday to eat dinner at Panera in Alabama),  but they're not my family or boyfriend.

This life is taking a long time to get use to........I never really thought it would be so difficult...

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight." ~Benjamin Franklin

Last day of the first week of this particular 6 week course. (Woot) The week seemed to drag this week....maybe because I actual had something to look forward to this weekend (driving to Florida) that the week just wanted me to suffer and wait longer for. :p

Lots of assignments to do. Today we will be assigned a one-page paper on "My Greatest Challenge" (uh...my confidence. That one should be easy :p) and a 3-5 minute informal briefs on an expeditionary skill (all that down in the dirt/troop movement stuff) and linking it with leadership. Those two shouldn't be too bad. I believe there will be two more "informal briefs" added to my list soon enough.

The one assignment I'm worried about is my 14-15 minute briefing on Nuclear Operations (remember WWII?) and Air Force doctrine. (Whether my position is if nuclear Ops goes with or against our doctrine). I have a bunch to read and sift through....but, it must be done one way or another. haha. OH! Not to mention that I need to guide a 45 minute discussion with a fellow teammate who shares a similar topic. -_____- Lame

Yesterday we learned some Self Aid and Buddy Care. Let me tell you, death by powerpoint is not pretty. I had to buy a large coffee to make it through the morning...and then I was stuck having to use the restroom every 20 mins just because I drank too much. Yesterday afternoon we did some hands-on scenario...which is ALWAYS better than being indoors. Just sayin...

Today! More classroom time...boooooooo....for about 3.5 hours. Then, we get to shoot and qualify on handguns!!! YEY!!!! See, like I said. Inside= bad. Outside= good....unless it's below 60 degrees...then it's bad. :p

Florida today!!!!! Yeah baby!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Reality is the leading cause of stress for those who are in touch with it." - Lily Tomlin

Since Saturday...things have gotten fairly better in my dealing with being away from home and starting this new chapter in my life.

I've met some pretty cool people (who at least eat with me at dinner lol).

All people do here is drink...regardless of how early they need to wake up the next day. I told my boyfriend and he says it's a way to keep up morale in a training environment...but, I dunno. Drunken people!!! I have to stay away from doing anything dumb until the weekend, and even then...I am burnt out from wild parties and drinking from college. Plus, with the majority of people here being guys, what makes any female think that it's a good idea to get trashed? Just sayin'.

This week has been dragging, though. My fridge is stocked and breakfast items ready to go...I wish the coffee was better, though. Major fail for the dorm room. :p

Death by powerpoints pretty much explains my days. Luckily (or maybe not so lucky?), we get out of the classroom for pretty much the rest of the week. Today we get gassed, tomorrow we delve into our medical knowledge to work on self-aid and buddy care, and Friday we shoot some guns. ;-)

I have about 20 mins before I have to start my trek over to the rally point. booo.....At least today ends early, it's the middle of the week, and I get to go home this weekend (I hope). :-)