Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Cry or Smile because this weekend happened." :-)

The weekend was too short...a tease, so to speak.

I made it to Florida close to 1am Saturday morning and spent the night with Jeremy at his dad's house. We woke up early so that he could make it to a dentist appointment (for his root canal), which was supposed to start at 11am in Tampa, but didn't start til 12:30-1pm. After, we drove to my parent's house and then ate dinner with my parents and went out with some great people to have a couple of beers.

Sunday, Jeremy and I shot some weapons at the shooting range. That was some good fun. :-) Then we ate out at a sushi buffet (yum yum) before driving back to my parents...then we drove back that night to his dad's house. :-(

I didn't leave til about 1:40pm yesterday, but it still seemed too early. I miss my boyfriend and I hate being alone, here. I mean, I've met some great people (we even met up yesterday to eat dinner at Panera in Alabama),  but they're not my family or boyfriend.

This life is taking a long time to get use to........I never really thought it would be so difficult...

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight." ~Benjamin Franklin

Last day of the first week of this particular 6 week course. (Woot) The week seemed to drag this week....maybe because I actual had something to look forward to this weekend (driving to Florida) that the week just wanted me to suffer and wait longer for. :p

Lots of assignments to do. Today we will be assigned a one-page paper on "My Greatest Challenge" (uh...my confidence. That one should be easy :p) and a 3-5 minute informal briefs on an expeditionary skill (all that down in the dirt/troop movement stuff) and linking it with leadership. Those two shouldn't be too bad. I believe there will be two more "informal briefs" added to my list soon enough.

The one assignment I'm worried about is my 14-15 minute briefing on Nuclear Operations (remember WWII?) and Air Force doctrine. (Whether my position is if nuclear Ops goes with or against our doctrine). I have a bunch to read and sift through....but, it must be done one way or another. haha. OH! Not to mention that I need to guide a 45 minute discussion with a fellow teammate who shares a similar topic. -_____- Lame

Yesterday we learned some Self Aid and Buddy Care. Let me tell you, death by powerpoint is not pretty. I had to buy a large coffee to make it through the morning...and then I was stuck having to use the restroom every 20 mins just because I drank too much. Yesterday afternoon we did some hands-on scenario...which is ALWAYS better than being indoors. Just sayin...

Today! More classroom time...boooooooo....for about 3.5 hours. Then, we get to shoot and qualify on handguns!!! YEY!!!! See, like I said. Inside= bad. Outside= good....unless it's below 60 degrees...then it's bad. :p

Florida today!!!!! Yeah baby!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Reality is the leading cause of stress for those who are in touch with it." - Lily Tomlin

Since Saturday...things have gotten fairly better in my dealing with being away from home and starting this new chapter in my life.

I've met some pretty cool people (who at least eat with me at dinner lol).

All people do here is drink...regardless of how early they need to wake up the next day. I told my boyfriend and he says it's a way to keep up morale in a training environment...but, I dunno. Drunken people!!! I have to stay away from doing anything dumb until the weekend, and even then...I am burnt out from wild parties and drinking from college. Plus, with the majority of people here being guys, what makes any female think that it's a good idea to get trashed? Just sayin'.

This week has been dragging, though. My fridge is stocked and breakfast items ready to go...I wish the coffee was better, though. Major fail for the dorm room. :p

Death by powerpoints pretty much explains my days. Luckily (or maybe not so lucky?), we get out of the classroom for pretty much the rest of the week. Today we get gassed, tomorrow we delve into our medical knowledge to work on self-aid and buddy care, and Friday we shoot some guns. ;-)

I have about 20 mins before I have to start my trek over to the rally point. booo.....At least today ends early, it's the middle of the week, and I get to go home this weekend (I hope). :-)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Funky Friday

Still homesick...nothing different there.

Yesterday wasn't all too bad. Woke up at 5:40am, had bloodwork done/urine sample/flu shot, then a weird 3 hour break because some other people were running late. Around 12:30ish I went to get my picture taken for my new active duty military ID and then headed from there to deal with finances (So I can get paid!! Yeah!!...) Of course we won't get paid til the 15th of March, but hopefully we'll get some advanced travel pay by next week.

Met a few more people who want to drink/party, but I'm not in the partying/drinking mood. For some reason I've been tired a lot lately. I turned down going out last night and ended up passing out around 11:30pm til 10am this morning. 0_o

Today I got my car washed and cleaned the inside of my car. The first time ever with my new car and I'll say it looks pretty damn good. ;-) After that, I headed back to the base and made myself go to the gym...I mean, I was already in gym clothes and all. Might as well.

I think I'm semi getting use to the weather. At least, that's what I thought until I looked at the temperature and saw that it's almost in the 60s. lol...Fail

I'm looking forward to driving back to Florida next weekend since it's a long weekend. It will be the only time I can head back there. I can't put too many miles on my new car. :-/ Granted, I'm sure it'll be near 8-10,000 miles by the end of the year. lol If not more....

Back to Hulu I go. I was invited to dinner tonight by the same people I turned down last night. Hopefully it's a good time...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goodbye Childhood

This week has been emotionally draining and just all around terrible.

I was hit hard with the reality that I'm no longer a kid. My parents can no longer protect me...just continue to guide me.

My boyfriend, who is the most wonderful man in the world to me, is no longer anywhere near me.

I'm alone in a new place...and it sucks.

Tuesday I went to USF to say goodbye to my Air Force peeps...did some errands...said farewell to my coworkers...ate lunch with my parents and finally headed out north to spend til this morning with my boyfriend. Saying goodbye to my parents was heartbreaking without having to throw on having to say farewell to my boyfriend. It doesn't help that I'm emotional. I stress out easily and freak out even more so.

It took my 6.5 hours (thanks to pit stops) to get to my final destination in Alabama. Went straight from checking in to my room, to having a mental breakdown and calling my boyfriend, to realizing that the temperatures are freezing and I have only a skirt for my uniform on Monday.

Needless to say I rushed around til about 5:30pm when I met up with some friends who commissioned with me back in December. I'm going to be a terrible Officer...I don't know why people keep telling me otherwise. I freak/stress out easily and, in my career field, that's no good. I need to find a way to find my calm when shit hits the fan...because shit hit the fan this evening and it could have been bad.

Anyway, despite the fact that I literally know NOTHING about the military...I'm hoping for better days, and hopefully a wealth of knowledge for the next 6.5 weeks.

By the way, my fat ass needs to go to the gym. I WILL NOT fall prey to cold weather excuses! Tomorrow I shall begin again. I hope.