Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 21: "If you are never scared, embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take chances"- Julia Soul

Update of my week so far....

I've been fairly productive, but at the same time the "wait-til-last-minute-and-completely-stress-the-hell-out" side of me is coming through. The last week of January is going to suck since it will consist of packing, painting, and moving my stuff from the apartment I'm currently in to my parents house. At least I'm just a college student and most of the crap I have can be donated or tossed. That first week in February without having to work or really worry about much will be heaven.

Anyway, Tuesday was my errand day. Why do bases, well...scratch that...Why does MacDill Air Force Base have to be so damn confusing? It took me 45 mins and a phone call to a friend (What is this? Who Wants ToBe A Millionaire?) to finally find what I was looking for. 40 minutes of waiting later...I was told I could apply for moving my things online...grr... I also opened a checking account, ate lunch with my pops, stopped at the Dealership, went to ROTC to get my 2d LT certificate (yup, it's official now) and other goodies, worked out, and watched a bit of the Sugar Bowl on T.V. It was a long, fairly productive, Tuesday.

Wednesday...worked...dropped my new car off at the dealership so they could add some upgrades and watched what was supposed to be just one movie. Ever heard of "The Last Exorcism"?  Yeah, well...freaked me the hell out. I was both appalled by the Reverend's antics and just the entire movie in general. The ending was predictable, though....However, I made my friend rent "Dinner For Schmucks" so that I would be able to sleep alone at night in my apartment. Yup, I'm a scaredy cat and I'll show it. Hence the reason why I try to stay away from horror flicks...

Now, back to today!! I'm at work til about 2...6 hour days are baller. Hopefully I can pick up my car today. I'm debating on driving to the University of South Florida to workout at their gym...but I feel ripped off having to pay for parking!! It's ridiculous...and the parking Nazis are relentless. They smell "trespassers" from a mile away...Like finding the will to workout isn't hard enough without having to strategize a parking plan...

Happy Three Kings day, for those who celebrate it! Back to work I go!


  1. LOL! woot. glad to have you here for your remaining weeks. and let me know if you need a hand moving. i like to paint and ive got a boy with some muscles. :P

  2. Lmao! Will do. Hopefully I can throw/donate most of my food and clothes that don't fit. Thanks for the offer! I'll let ya know if I procrastinate too long and need to move my shit the day before I get kicked out of the apartment :p