Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Careful what you wish for...

So I've been wanting a day off of work. Just for the heck of it. Really didn't think my stomach would decide to revolt for several hours and cause me to go to the ER. Waste of time, though. Other than sticking another painful IV deal into my wrist (where else can they stick this crap?!), they didn't do crap for me. Of course, my pain was jumping from an 8-10 all night, about an 8 when I was driving to the hospital, and then magically disappeared as soon as I hit the ER. Then, not even 10 secs inside the car after leaving (3 hours later) the pain came back. Not so high...probably a 3-4...but it was frustrating.

The doc told me to get a referral to a doc around here to get an endoscopy. First doctor I called won't be around for 2 weeks. The second doc, well...I didn't copy the number down correctly so I'm SOL on that. So, I'm just riding this thing out.....eating Mott's Fruit Snacks, drinking a lil water, and paying the occasional homage to the toilet.

BOoooo. :'( On a side note, I think the humidifier helped Sofia sleep last night. Monday she woke up to hacking coughs and stuffy nose. This morning...well, I was gone before she woke up so I know she slept well. lol

It's nice to not have to work. Just wish it was under a different circumstance. Hopefully it doesn't come back again..

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